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BDM Museum House

There was a hive of activity at the museum this morning when I ventured on-site to cross off some items on my To Do List. The museum was being painted outside, the driveway entrance pot holes were in the process of being filled and I smiled with satisfaction as I had checked the weather forecast this morning – Mother Nature will be cooperating too!!

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions I have built up some really great connections during this process one being Brian Dawe who has been one of my most favourite individuals, sending me so much information and just broadening my whole spectrum with regards to the history of baseball.

This morning I received an e-mail from him with two great links – I would definitely suggest you grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea for me as I am British 😮 and enjoy.



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About Beachville District Museum

Beachville District Museum is a community museum based in South-West Oxford and Zorra Townships. It is located in 4.5 acres of lush parkland and displays a number of interesting artifacts.

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